Terms & Conditions

Four Seasons Golf Centre Limited – Terms and Conditions of Use
Welcome to Four Seasons Golf Centre. When visiting our facility, please note as
Safety and Etiquette
Extra care must be taken when swinging a golf club to safeguard against injury to
yourself and others, specifically:
• Only one person is allowed within a golf bay (or else on a golf mat positioned
in the outside practice area) at any time.
• Practice swings are only to be taken on a golf mat positioned within a golf bay
(or else on a golf mat positioned in the outside practice area) and using
range- purchased balls only. Under no circumstances is a golf club to be
swung outside of the perimeter of a golf mat.
• You must ensure that prior to taking any practice swing, no person is
standing directly in the path of your swing.
• It is advisable to wear a golf glove. When swinging a golf club, you must
observe care not to let go of it, especially in warm or wet conditions where the
golf club grip may become wet.
• When taking a practice swing you must be mindful of the structural posts, bay
dividers, and any swing machine positioned within the golf bay.
• It is strictly prohibited to attempt to recover golf balls from either the
gravelled or grassed areas.
• The outside practice area is provided for iron use only. The use of drivers in
this area is strictly prohibited.
The perimeter netting surrounding our facility is there to protect the public and
property. Security cameras operate 24/7 and anyone hitting a golf ball over the
perimeter netting will be personally liable and responsible for any damage caused.
Children under the age of 16 years must always be supervised by an adult.
All mobile phones must to be switched to silent mode. No music is to be played at
any time. Please be respectful of others trying to concentrate on their practice.
Smoking, vaping and the consumption of alcohol are all strictly prohibited.
Whilst causal clothing is permitted, shirts/T-shirts must always to be worn.
Removing golf balls and/or golf baskets from our facility is strictly prohibited and
anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.
Any damage or incident must be reported to a member of staff immediately.
Please return all empty golf baskets to the ball machine area before leaving.
Foul language or that causing upset to others, being under the influence of alcohol or
general unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.
Dogs are not permitted on our facility.
The golf bunker area can be used at any time but please rake after use.
We reserve the right to govern the use of our facility as is deemed necessary and

We do not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury to any property sustained
whilst at our facility (including the car parking area).
Please contact either David McCarthy on 07854 762112 or Jacob McCarthy on
07960 286598 if you experience any problems or issues whilst at our facility

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