Golf Club Custom Fit

What is a custom Fitting for a golf club?

Getting custom fit for your golf clubs means your swing, characteristics and requirements are analysed by a golf professional who will work with you to find the best clubs, shaft, head size and grip to suit your game.

If you’re really looking to improve your golf game, a custom fit is a fantastic way to do this. Many casual golfers and even avid golfers spend hundreds of ££’s on new golf clubs, sometimes ever year, and never see any real improvement to their game.

You may have recently spent money purchasing the latest driver that is promising you 10 extra yards on your drive. This may be true but for most golfers, this is not accurate, Why you ask? because although the driver head may have the latest technology the shaft flex & shaft length may not be best suited to your golf game.

With a custom fit at Four Seasons Golf Centre, our PGA professionals will analyse your swing, swing speed, club path, angle of attack and more intricate details to find the best clubs to suit your game.

How can a custom fit improve my golf game?

In short, having the correct clubs is going to improve your game.

There are many aspects within a custom fit which we analyse to give you optimal golfing performance.

The first thing we do when starting a fitting is measure your height and the length from finger-tips to the floor. This gives us a good understanding of shaft length that you require.

We would then ask you questions about your game, typically how far you hit your 7 iron. Although a simple question, this gives us a great understanding of your swing speed without having to over analyse your swing. We will then use our Skytrak launch monitor to analyse some of your shots so we can be sure we’re making the best club choices to suit your game.

This information will tell us which type of flex you need within your shaft. Having the correct flex is essential when wanting to keep accuracy and distance within your shots.

If you have a faster swing speed, we usually recommended stiffer shafts, this is because you don’t require the shaft to help you produce speed. Lower swing speeds require more flexible shafts as they help increase your swing speeds.

What happens in a custom golf fitting?

Firstly, our PGA professionals will discuss aspects of your game with you, identify weaknesses and find out what you’re looking to improve. Your desired improvements may be more distance, a softer feel, more shot-shaping control or better driving accuracy.

We will then measure you, finding out your height and the distance from fingertip to floor which gives us a good idea of the required shaft length.

Then we will monitor your swing and analyse the data provided such as shot distance, swing speed, club path & angle of attack. This gives us all of the information that we need to provide you with the best golf clubs to suit your game.

All of the information we collect helps us understand your required set up. Including shaft length, Flex, Grip Type and the type of golf clubs that best suit your game.

How will a custom fitting help me?

There are endless reasons why having custom fit golf clubs will benefit your game.

Firstly, confidence!. Knowing you have the perfect clubs will boost your confidence and improve your consistency and performance on the course. There are many other benefits to having your golf clubs professionally fit:

If you would like to find out more about a custom club fit then please feel free to give us a call on 07854 762 112 or send us an email: Our golf centre is based in Brailsford and is easily accessible from Derby, Ashbourne & Burton-on-Trent.

If you’re coming from further away we recommend booking golf lessons at the same time to get the best custom fit experience. This will help our team fine-tune your game and be able to give you the best possible product and service.

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